Every 2 minutes starts a domestic fire.

1 of 2 persons dies or is brought to hospital with severe injuries.

1 of 4 fires takes place in the kitchen.

1 of 4 fires is dued to defected electric installations.

It's time to react.


So it's time to get equiped !

Certified for kitchen and electric fires,

SINGAS F-Exx can save lives.



SINGAS F-Exx, the only portable extinguishers & aerosols without gas and without any maintenance, a must for you.



The ecological & portable SINGAS F-Exx extinguishers & aerosols without gas have been developped to make fire security accessible for all. Light, very handy and easy to use for any age, they are provided with the unique and patented Flexpack technology, a propulsion system based on an elastomer which doesn't need any gas propellants. So the containers are not exposed to any risk of explosion and they are free of all logistic and recycling regulations not like all other aerosols on the market.

The SINGAS F-Exx extinguishers cover the main classes of fires, all certified by german institutes MPE Dresden & office EISNER:

- class A (dry fire, solid materials like wood, plastics, textiles, etc.,...)

- class B (fires, involving flammable or combustible liquids, e.g.: petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc)

- class F (fires resulting from cooking oil/fats in frying and baking equipment, e.g.: vegetable or animal oils and fats. Powder and CO2 extinguishers are hardly suitable for this purpose)

All our extinguishers are certified for use on electrical installations up to 1000 V (minimum spray distance 1 m)



Our ultra-efficient class F fat fire 300 ml aerosol extinguishes 25L of oil as well as small growing class A fires and 1000V electric fires. A must have in every private or professional kitchen, studio, flat, house, camping-car, caravan or boat.

SINGAS F-Exx 8.0 Bio

Our Bio product range, ecological 800ml portable extinguishers to fight all current fire classe A B F. Entirely biodegradable and ph neutral, the extinction agent Bioversal QF-R is absolutely a reference on the market for its ultra-efficient extinguishing performances.

Created to react quickly on starting fires.

More efficient than powder extinguishers and no collateral damages.


A true innovation in the field of portable fire extinguishing systems: the SINGAS F-Exx elastomer system. Contrary to other conventional systems, the Flexpack technology doesn't need any gas or liquid propellants. Due to its patented elastomer system, the SINGAS F-Exx extinguishers guarantee a constant jet during the total spraying time and are fully functional at any 360° position with a low 2 bar pressure, ideal for small growing and hardly accessible fires.

The elastomer system of the Flexpack technology takes the inner shape of the container while filling process. This means an economy in volume and so in production materials at average of 30%.

SINGAS F-Exx, a new generation of ecological, easy to use and efficient extinguishers that save lives.


SINGAS by Qualitystreet Sàrl

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